Website devoted to Avitale - a liquid vitamin drops line by Aliness, Premium food supplement company.

About Avitale 


Innovative natural vitamins in drops, designed for the most demanding consumers

AVITALE® is a line of products - natural and innovative vitamins in drops, which were created in response to the growing interest of consumers in supplements of the highest quality. The result of research and the widespread increase in consumer awareness has become the redefinition of the most desirable features of dietary supplements that meet the AVITALE® vitamins in drops:

- HIGHEST QUALITY of active substances
- CLEAN LABEL (no unnecessary artificial additives, dyes or preservatives)
- PRECISE DOSAGE tightly closed container with a precise applicator
- MAXIMUM absorption
- WITHOUT: gluten, milk or soy
- FOR VEGANS, VEGETARIANS and LACTOVEGETARIANS - compliance with the criteria of products intended for

INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY - BIOACTIVE: The innovative technology of vitamins in drops AVITALE® is based on bioactive substances suspended in Extra Virgin Olive Oil with ORGANIC Certificate, as well as natural vitamin E (d-alpha tocopheryl).

Vitamins in drops of the AVITALE® brand is a supplement that helps to maintain an extremely valuable balance in the functioning of the body!